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A. A. Kingston Middle School

Janelle Tyler » Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus


Student Expectations


  • Each student is expected to attend physical education class on a regular basis AND participate fully.


  • Non-restrictive clothing
  • Shorts and/or sweatpants
  • T-shirt and/or sweatshirt
  • Sneakers only
  • Loss of FIVE POINTS from the preparation component each time you are unprepared


  • Note from home for file
  • Note from doctor if longer than two weeks
  • Assignment for credit if needed


Classes missed due to illness, injury, field trips, or lack of preparation may be made up by coming to any class from study hall, assigned lunch or after school.  Get a pre-signed pass from the teacher of the class you wish to attend.  Classes missed for a music lesson do not need to be made up, but you are only allowed two per marking period.  If you have an extenuating circumstance, see your physical education teacher.


  • Each student is expected to work to their individual best potential and will be graded accordingly.


  • Lock all personal property
  • Respect others’ property
  • Keep combination to yourself
  • NO cell phone use in the locker room


  • Please use facilities properly and keep them clean
  • When inside, no use of electronics, hats, food or drinks


  • You are responsible for the information presented in the unit; any tests given during a marking period will be averaged together for this component.  You are responsible to sign up on Google Classroom – study guides, assignments and tests will be taken through Google Classroom on chromebooks or alternative form of testing.


  • Psychomotor - Daily Grading Rubric
  • Affective - Behavior/Preparation
  • Cognitive - Tests, quizzes, exit tickets, etc.   

Potsdam Middle School Physical Education Daily Grading Rubric

Daily Participation Rubric: Student will receive a grade range of 0-4.


Student meets or exceeds expectations.

  • Fully Engaged and participating to full potential
  • On task
  • Interacting in a mature and positive way with all students and adults
  • Following directions and participating in a safe and productive manner

  • 3, 2, 1, or 0- represent a loss in points.  Points will be taken away for behaviors that are considered counterproductive to the goals and objectives of each lesson.