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A. A. Kingston Middle School

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A. A. Kingston Physical Education - Miss Wingerter

Welcome to Miss Wingerter's Physical Education website.  On this page you are able to access materials to be successful in Physical Education class and assist you in leading a healthy and active lifestyle!
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Dear Families, 
At the middle school level we focus on both team sports and lifetime activities.  Team sports allow us to focus on sportsmanship, teamwork and strategies through game play in a variety of sports.  Offering a variety of sports allows us to focus on and refine skills taught at the elementary level as we incorporate these skills into games.  The focus of our lifetime activities are meant to intrigue individuals into leading a physically active lifestyle through an activities they find interesting and enjoyable!  Practicing skills from Physical Education class along with leading an active lifestyle and creating healthy habits are important for a healthy life!
-Miss Wingerter