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A. A. Kingston Middle School

Principal's Message

Welcome to A. A. Kingston Middle School! We are home to over 400 students in grades 5 through 8. Our goal is to connect home, school, and community to help our students be successful  A.A.K.ers and community members.


The 2023-2024 school year is sure to bring many great experiences for our students and staff members.  We plan to continue to grow our connections with our local community with our Student Unconference and field trips. A.A.K. is very proud to offer to our students a number of elective courses that will open doors for student choice with innovative, diverse, and personalized learning. The staff at A.A.K. values the learning experiences that come from hands-on learning opportunities and the background knowledge that they help develop. We strive to provide enrichment inside and outside of the classroom and we look to continue to provide our students with these meaningful learning opportunities.


Thank you for your ongoing support for our students, faculty, and staff at A.A.K.  Your  commitment to our school community is greatly appreciated.




Daniel O. Cook

A. A. Kingston Middle School Principal

[email protected]

(315) 265 - 2000 ext. 36513