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A. A. Kingston Middle School

Ms. Jill M. Rubio » Welcome to the Potsdam HS Band webpage!

Welcome to the Potsdam HS Band webpage!

Our PCS music program is here to help our students express themselves through music. We learn the mechanics of making music, including reading and writing music notation, the language of music, and in performing groups and lessons, how to play an instrument and sing. We bring context to music through history and culture. Our work in rehearsals is a team experience, dependent on every band member's preparation and full participation. Performances present bring work to the community, and are the culminating experiences of the course.
Our High School Band meets every other day and performs a variety of music of intermediate to advanced difficulty. Previous experience is necessary, as is individual practice, for best success. Small group lessons are offered as part of the curriculum. Lessons are scheduled on a pull-out basis on a rotating schedule. If a student is unable to come to their assigned lesson time, they may come at an alternate time on an "even" day and they will receive credit for the lesson. However, I may not be able to work with students outside their designated time, so the students would in that case, practice on their own during the "make-up lesson" time.