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A. A. Kingston Middle School

David Vroman » Grade 6 Science

Grade 6 Science

 Greetings! I am Mr. Vroman (aka - the Vro-Man!) I am originally from Adams, NY but have called St. Lawrence County my home since I arrived on the Potsdam St. campus "several" years ago. My wife of 31 years, Mona and I live in Massena. This year marks my 26th year in the classroom, 24 of which were in Potsdam with 21 in sixth grade, 16 teaching science and 5 in the math class. I have adjunct taught science methods classes and serve as the President of the School Of Education Alumni Board at SUNY Potsdam.  I serve as the Region 10 (North Country) Regional Director to the New York State Middle School Association.  As the Regional Director I travel all over the state...often times found boasting about our "kids" here at AAK, I am so proud of them! For fun you say? I am closing in on my 30th year officiating basketball, from youth to Division III levels. Welcome to Sixth Grade! 
This year in science:
"Inside Earth" - Topics include: Plate Tectonics/Earthquakes/Volcanoes,/Rocks and Minerals
"Earth's Waters" - Topics include: The Water Planet/Freshwater/Ocean Motions and Zones
"Weather and Climate"- Topics include: Atmosphere/Weather Factors/Weather Patterns/Climate Changes
"Astronomy" - Topics include: Earth, Moon and Sun/Exploring Space/Solar System/Stars, Galaxies and the Universe