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Grade 6 Mathematics Home

Welcome to Mrs. Scanlon's Mathematics website. On this page you can gain access to many materials necessary for success in Grade 6 Math.
My math teacher keeps asking me questions.  You'd think she'd know all this stuff by now.
Dear Families,
The best way to help your child with their math homework and skills would be to continue reinforcing multiplication skills with them at home.  Knowing the multiplication facts for 1-12 will make their middle school math life so much easier!
You can also encourage your child to refer back to their notes each night if they are having trouble on the homework.  The notes, skills practice, and problem solving practice that we do in class each day mirror the homework assignments.  Students are encouraged to take thorough notes and look back on these while completing the homework. 
Below I have included links to outside sites on helping your child with math as well as links to downloadable versions of our daily notes and homework, should anything get lost.
-Mrs. Scanlon